The Final Countdown….to Convocation

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Oh Convocation, oh yes.  We’ve been hearing some rumors about certain house themes and some of them are sounding pretty sexy (Gardiner Housewives?  Lamont Lamady Gaga?  Serious win.).   If you don’t know what to expect, or if you’re wondering, “Why are these girls making such an ordeal out of Convocation,” it’s because Convocation is probably the biggest, most awesome display of Smith College debauchery ever.   On this night, the unacceptable is acceptable, and even Carol Christ expects us to get a little crazy.

Which obviously means that Smith’d loves it.  This year, Convocation takes place on September 6th in John M. Greene (JMG) @ 7pm.

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Welcome Smith Class of 2014, Transfers, and International Students!

This year we have 641 new first years, 68 transfers, and 39 new Ada’s, all chosen from 4,015 applications.  Yay, new Smithies!

LadySmithd’s Guide to Looking Lovely This Fall

It’s that time of year again! Back to school and fall fashions- two of my personal favorite things ever.  For some of you who are just joining our Smith community as first years or as transfers, you may have wondered what is hip, practical and climate-appropriate to wear.  So I am here to offer a few tips on typical Smith style, as well as some classic pieces that you can never go wrong with. Read the rest of this entry »

Run Smithies, Run! In Fall Fit 5K

For the 3rd consecutive year Smith College is having a 5k run to benefit Smith College Athletics and the Northampton Education Foundation. Grab some friends, make a team, and get yo ass in shape!  Check out the website under the cut to find out details about the course map, how to volunteer, register to run, and find a list of training tips to get you prepped for race day. A 5k is a little over 3 miles in case you’re not sure what you’re getting yourselves into.

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Smith College Gets Jersey Shore-related Shout Out from

Um, thanks Gawker?  Or not.   You can read the entire annoying article here, for context.

Smith #30 on Sierra Magazine’s “Coolest Schools” List

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August seems to be the month of revelations as far as college rankings go.  From US News to Forbes, Smith has placed near the top on nearly all of the reports in 2010.  Sierra Magazine, a publication that has established itself as a conduit for “…people who care deeply about nature,” released its 2010 list of “America’s Cool Schools” in its September/October issue (Sierra’s Official Website).

Sierra Magazine sent a detailed survey to colleges across America, using it as an adhesive for each college to describe its contribution in terms of: efficiency, food, academics, purchasing, transportation, waste management, administration, financial investments, and a more ambiguous section titled “other initiatives.”  Although no school scored 100, the schools that scored in the Top 10 (including out friendly neighbor Hampshire College, with ranked #10) demonstrated a superior record of promoting sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

Smith College made the list at #30!  We’re (somewhat) sustainable! Smith’s sompleted survey covers a lot of interesting information on Smith’s efforts to reduce any detrimental, wasteful energy practices. Oh yeah, and Amherst is like #90…LOL.

Some of Smith College’s more interesting answers, which includes a nice shout out to Bike Kitchen, can be viewed if you click the link Read the rest of this entry »

Happy birfday Smith!

140 years of of feminism, philanthropy, and hardcore sisterhood!

Shit, she’s old!  In honor of our beloved Smith’s 140 birthday, we present you with a link to Smith College’s Flickr group.

Smith Flickr!

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