Last Minute Halloweekend Costumes for the Smith-Minded

Sometimes Halloween leads to indecisiveness, because when you only have one night to choose a proper alias, y’all gotta make it count.  As time dwindles down and Faces begins to run low on wigs and fairy wings, you find yourself considering dressing as a vampire, which would honestly be a travesty.  Smith’d has come up with some sweet last minute costume ideas that mostly anybody can pull off with a few props and the right swagger.  Any of these are perfect for a the coming Halloweekend, whether you’re heading to Hampshire Halloween, Immorality, Immortality, downtown Noho, or some other rager.

Xena Warrior Princess – Are you a strong, independent, fucking durable woman, but never get a chance to show it?  Throw on an armored bra, a metal plated skirt, and find yourself a samurai sword to carry around (preferably not a real one).  Be sure to snarl ferociously and look determined while asking subtly feminist questions such as, “Are you so brave that you fear somebody caring for you?”  Then, kick that frat guy’s ass.

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Credit to GOOGLE

To celebrate Halloween and all things spooky I have compiled a list of the ghosts that roam Smith College. They lurk in our houses, in our academic buildings, and right behind you!

EDIT: There’s a ghost in Gardiner, too!  Read below the cut for more!

According to Smithipedia Lucy Hunt and her British Captain love interest roam the halls of Sessions House. They fell in love in the house, but the Captain left her when he returned to England. Lucy was forced into a passionless marriage, one that was nice and proper and ultimately died of a broken heart. To this day, the couple still haunts the hallways of the house, searching for a hidden passageway to escape to. This should stand as a warning. Naysayers beware…. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh Meghan’s Fantasy Island Sex Workshop

Oh Meghan’s Fantasy Island Sex Workshop


WHEN: October 29th @ 4


WHERE: Resource Center for Gender and Sexuality

Created by VOX: Voices for Truth

From the Facebook Event:

Oh Megan’s Study Sex College Tour stops by Smith College!

What gets you off? What gets other people off? And how the heck do you do it?! If you are curious about what’s possibly running around in your neighbors head, why you might feel guilty thinking about these sexy thoughts you have or you want to learn how to maneuver some of your fantasies into your sex life with others, this is the workshop for you to attend.Fantasy Island will cover some of the more common naughty thoughts people have (like how to talk dirty, rough sex and anal play), expose scary sexual behavior myths that you’ve heard about (like good feminists don’t use porn or that you’ll become desensitized the more sexually “experimental” you are) while giving you the cold hard facts. Finally, Fantasy Island will help you open the door to all the new sexual position possibilities with that you want to embark upon in a SAFE and SANE manner.


As a result of the numerous Four Loko cans found scattered across campus, I found this article to warn you against one of Smith’s newest drinks of choice, ‘blackout in a can.’ Even on Family Weekend, the leftover Lokos were littered about (We hope that you convinced your parents that it is a new “Spanish” drink that everyone in the language departments thinks is all the rage)….rage on Pioneers, rage on.

Four Loko is labeled as “Blackout in a Can”

Best quote of the article: “Everything was going fine, the music was playing, people were having fun — and then all of a sudden all the girls were puking everywhere,” Katelynn Allen, a student at the party, told KOMO News (AOL News).”

Alright guys, we know this stuff is liquid crack, but don’t overdo it despite its tendency to lead to a hilarious shitshow of a night.


Happy Otelia Cromwell Day!

Hope everybody had a fantastic (half) day off!  We’re wondering when Smith admin is going to figure out that nobody attends the events set for Otelia Cromwell Day… (ps- you should all go to these events because they’re actually great, despite lack of attendance in recent years).

Even Jabba the Hutt paid a visit to the quad for the occasion





WHAT: Award-winning play based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses  about the lives of modern urban street kids. written by Naomi Iizuka.

WHEN: October 21st through 23rd, with performances also october 27th through the 30th

GO IF: You are an “urban street kid” or if you want to know what an “urban street kid” looks like

HIGHLIGHTS: Everything. They managed to pull it off. The sets were amazing and the acting was pretty decent. I would say it’s definitely worth seeing.

EH? It’s an interesting choice for family weekend. I received this text from someone watching The Polaroid Stories with their parents: “front row of polaroid stories. So awks and too close for comfort”. Her stepdad then described the plot as “F*** you, f*** you, gimme drugs”. Thanks Dad!