Another Reason Why the Internet is Awesome

Minutes ago, Smith’d discovered a little gem via Tumblr, which has proved an awesome resource for gleaning Smith-related info and mad kool pix (THIS reads your blog, and Smith’d might just read you blog, too.  Holla).  Possibly inspired by Twitter’s articulate and unsurprisingly  ironic queen of witticism, Liberal Arts Girl, some badass Smithie decided to create a Tumblr account called Smithies’ Complaints.  Confused?  Think @Liberal Arts Girl sounds like a bitch?  Wait…is this offensive?  Time to confer with that girl in my SWAG class…

Let us clear this up for you:  Smithies’ Complaints is making fun of us.  But everything on here is so legit and hilarious I almost want the creator to come write for Smith’d (plz?)


Complaint #15: The Campus Center cafe will not serve you iced coffee after Oct. 1. They have ice, but they will not combine it with your coffee. No fucking way.

Complain #3: Sometimes we just want to have a lot of sex with women.  And then we do, but there are just so many FEELINGS.

Complain # 6: I went to a free event and there wasn’t any Brie

Yeah, you know you want to read it.  Visit Smithies’ Complaints for a good laugh, and Liberal Arts Girl! if you feeling pretty feisty at 1:12am on a Monday. EDIT: They haz Twitter now.


Dear Wonderful Smithies,

The writers of Smith’d, in their post-tryptophan haze, would like to apologize to the inevitable downturn of updates in the coming weeks leading to finals.  Of course we will continue to post events and funny shit wherever we see fit, but Smiffy’s impending 37 pages of doom might throw a wrench in the works for a short time. 

Don’t worry–we will most certainly be posting over Winter Break/J-term and throughout the Spring Semester.  We simply do not want to give the illusion that we are neglectful/subpar bloggers letting this project die.  Bear with us in the coming weeks as we make more changes (including a new layout, BALLER!) and some new columns to fill your hearts up with Smith love. 


The writers of Smith’d 

Tidbits of the Week

TIDBIT A: Today, Smith College tested its emergency notification system by sending out a “Rave Alert.”  Either Smith wants us to bump some techno and get rolling, or this is WOZQ’s most viral advertising campaign to date.

In reference to this of course.

TIDBIT B:  Last week, Smith College got a shout out in what must have been one of the dumber questions asked on Jeopardy: “Smith College students can sip this at the Haymarket café, knowing it’s what “café” means…”

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Credit to GOOGLE

It’s that time of year again! Time to prepare the meal for the family, time to give thanks for everything that we are thankful for, and time to gather around the table with relatives that will ask uncomfortable questions about our higher education. Enclosed are a few tips for navigating a conservative and/or parental and/or awkward family conversation.

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FLUX! A MASS EDMC Event Goes Down This Friday At Diva’s

For those of you who are looking for something awesome to do with all of your post-Best Coast energy, Diva’s is totally where it’s at this Friday.  In past months, MASS EDMC‘s events have resulted in a packed house, really really badass photos, and some killer feedback.  MASS EDMC, which began as a Umass-centric electronic music event production company, has recently expanded its reach beyond the Five Colleges and into the greater-Massachusetts area.  FLUX! is gonna be great, and this month’s event features sets from Cain Marko, Pointblank, and guest headliner Bastille.  Check below the cut for more information.

Photos By John Chou Photography and Hannah Cohen

Photos by John Chou Photography and Hannah Cohen

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Happy Humpday, and the Weekend Brings All Things That Are Good

Happy Humpday, and the Weekend Brings All Things That Are Good

The week before Thanksgiving is probably one of the shittiest, most stressful weeks a college student will have to endure, apart from finals and midterms.

BUT…YOUUUUU can do it.  Just think that a) it’s almost Friday, b) you’ve already made it this far, c) this weekend is going to be absolutely incredible, and d) at least Pub Safe let us know about the scary naked man in Ainsworth (god knows that would add some stress to my week).  An academically rigorous week means that this weekend is a grea opportunity to rage (see “Tips For Dealing With Smith Stress” for my own personal definition).  It just so happens that the stars have aligned for this particular weekend, and that there are tons of baller events going down.  Leave your Four Loko at home because you probably won’t want to black out for any of this. Read the rest of this entry »