Best Transportation News EVAARRR

Spending $36+ on a round trip bus ticket to Hartford/New York/Boston totally sucks, especially when you need to get out of the Smith bubble.  The expansion of Megabus to include Amherst provides such a cheap alternative to Peter Pan that it’s almost mystifying that more people don’t know about it.  Fares to midtown Manhattan will only run you about $20 at peak times, while a bus to Hartford costs anywhere from $3-$18.

Busses depart from the Hampshire Mall, and you can check bus fares here.  Also, our favorite local news source GazetteNet (hah) writes about Megabus on their website.

I’ll add Megabus to our links because it’s that fucking rad.  Hell yes to cheap travel!


And Yet Another Smith-Centric Website Emerges…

So we aren’t particularly sure if this is a good thing, but over the past semester, Smith College has become increasingly connected on the internetz.  It seems like in the weeks approaching finals, Smith College has been blowing up the ‘net.  Like a boss.  Like a total G.  We thought only Co-Ed schools had enough drama to coddle gossip sites such as the Anonymous Confession Board, but the Smith pages has been a recent explosion of threads, probably due to finals-induced sexual frustration/mental frustration/lack of penis frustration (for some of us).  In addition to the insidious ‘ol ACB is our fave Smithies’ Complaints, which is funny as fuck, and the perfect place to bitch about our privileged, liberal arts lifestyle.  Word.

So, the newest addition to this collection of online brain-candy is likealittle.  Yes, it is totalllyyy creepy. It is a pastiche of the ‘facebook’ status transmuted into website where Smithies can indulge on their crushes, all while sitting within ten feet of them.  Yeah, all of the crushes posted so far are basically “brunette over there (insert place), ur making me HOT!” but if this gets up and running it could become a deceptively hilarious aspect of Smith life.  It’s funny how the internet can make a place so much more interesting…

Also, just a note, is being added to our links.

Ladysmithd’s Guide to Holiday Shopping on a Budget

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So because finals are not stressful enough and we really need one more thing to make us want to scream, the holiday season has decided to place itself right at the end of our semester. Big surprise. Thanks Santa. Between finals and packing to go home, my dearest friends and family usually receive their presents in January (keepin’ the holiday spirit goin’ right???) Not this year! This year I will get my holiday shopping done before the New Year has already begun. I’ve decided to share a few helpful suggestions about frugal holiday shopping for us college students! Come on everyone…somebody has to stimulate the economy…

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Smiffy’s Ultimate Guide to Procrastinating Effectively

I’m already procrastinating by blogging, and now I’m giving  you more reasons to procrastinate when you’re probably already procrastinating because you’re reading my blog.  Does that make sense?  Are you mad?  Sorry….

1) Go lie under the stairs in the basement of Neilson and look at all of drawings  people have tagged all over the walls over the past ten or so years.

2) Make hot cocoa, then put some of of this on top to make study time more fun (Note: the website is called…that’s so obscene!).  Also, Cream looks like it was made by NASA or some company that has no problem filling your body with enough nitrates to make you exhale radioactivity.  GET WHIPPED (without doing whip-its…alcoholic whipped cream can be purchased at Liquors 44)

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Are you already crying yourself to sleep because Winter Weekend has come and passed?  Do you need one last opportunity to go batshit crazy before finals?  Come to GLOSS, the last MASS EDMC event of the semester.  The MASS EDMC crew has thrown down at past events, and surely this will be no different.

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Smithday in Northampton

Smithday in Northampton

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This Saturday, December 4 is Smithday in downtown Northampton. Smith students will receive HUGE discounts at local stores and can finally get to some of that much needed holiday shopping and retail therapy as the semester nears an end!

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