You Might Be A Smithie If…

1. You are composing this entry at the current moment (A Friday Night)

2. Instead of using “Texts from Last Night” you compare your evening to a JSTOR search including keywords such as, but not limited to: “Frat Boys”, “30 Rack”, “Townies”, and/or “Undeclared Major”,” Blog about my ideals,” “Her texts were grammatically incorrect”…etc.

3. If you think “I wish I was reading Plato…..” at any point on a Friday

4. Where the hell is my Cape?

5. Are these Jello Shots vegan?

6. I should be doing work…

7. I should be on Moodle?

8. Maybe I should outline my final… in February

9. Again….Where is my cape?….I left my drink in my cape

10. I wish I was at tea….where the hell are my white gloves?

11. You might be a Smithie if you think “Going Hard” refers to a hard night in the Periodicals Room in Neilson.




Happy Rally Day!

Happy Rally Day!

And today, we found out that world-famous oceanographer Sylvia Earle is the Commencement 2011 guest speaker!  I’m not going to gripe about how we didn’t get Tina Fey, so let’s just keep things positive.  It’ll be great anyhow.

7 Cool Things Smith Should Have, But Doesn’t

The bloggers of Smith’d seldom write articles that should be taken seriously, and despite accidentally upsetting the trans community, Otelia Cromwell Day organizers, and scabies outbreak 2k10 victims, condemning the Smith community is not really our prerogative.  We have the ACB for that.  As a natural rule, however, living on a college campus invites purely ridiculous elements of drama just begging us to shit all over them.  So far, most of you have figured out when we’re being SUPER cereal and when we’re not.  And guys (ladies), we’re being serious this time.

After four years of figuring out who and what make the gears turn at Smith, Smith’d has come up with a list of some additions that would improve student life long after we graduate. Read the rest of this entry »

Bike Kitchen General Interest Meeting

Bike Kitchen General Interest Meeting


Event Details: THURSDAY Feb. 22 @ 9 PM. in Seeyle (RM TBA – check facebok)

Why It’s Going to Be Awesome:

Bicycle Kitchen is a student run organization that teaches bike maintenance to the Smith community.  Come learn about our open bike fix’n hours, semester rentals, workshops, and events.  No background required, just love for bikes!  This is an open meeting for people who are interested in the Bike Kitchen services or want to get involved.

How to find out what’s happening:

The e-mail list (e-mail us at




No Thirsty Thursday Plans, Yet (Apart from Getting Drunk)?

No Thirsty Thursday Plans, Yet (Apart from Getting Drunk)?

As Facebook has made it apparent, LMFAOKI, a concert that was supposed to occur at the Umass Mullins Center TONIGHT, was cancelled.  Looks like none of us will be taking shots with LMFAO.  Which is fine, because they suck anyway.  Instead, the most EPIC LOOKING DJ IN THE WORLD, a.k.a, Steve Aoki, is performing a smaller-scale show at Pearl St. Nightclub downtown.  Okay, so the tickets are cheaper, the concert is closer, and the setting will be more intimate…boss. as. hell. 

 And it’s TONIGHT, can you believe that?! 

Tickets are $28 in advance, $33 at the door and the concert starts @ 9pm. 

Sounds like a party.

WOZQ 91.9 fm Women in Media & Music Panel this weekend!

Seriously, try to tell us one reason why this WOULDN’T be completely ill?  Kim Gordon?  Tom Tom mag?  This panel is essentially MADE for Smith.

Stupid Cupid…

I don’t like Valentine’s Day, but I will admit that I am a hopeless romantic. Not quite as neurotic as the anti-Valentine’s Day article in the Opinion’s section of the Sophian this week, but it has certainly never been my favorite. That being said, I still go with the flow and buy the chocolates, everything and all things red, and sentimental cards. To help all of us hopeless, yes…hopeless…we can’t write a romantic thing if our lives depended on it, individuals I have compiled a list of what NOT to write in a card for your significant other.

Read the rest of this entry »