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WE ARE BACK! WELCOME BACK LADIES, BETCHES, AND GENTLEMEN! We are in for another fun filled year at Smith College! The first years have begun to descend upon us! Welcome ISP, Bridge, and Athletes. I have met many of them so far and am very excited to announce that they are a wonderful new generation of Smithies. The rest will arrive later on this week. I’ll be there to holla at you at the ITT 🙂 Kickin’ it at Central Check-In.

For those of you who have not met us at Smith’d yet, we are a blog that is about all things Smith College. Occasionally, we will update you on necessary world events, but mostly we are your hub for life at Smith. We are your place for irreverent humor and a unique outlook on our beloved campus. Stay posted for news about partayys, concerts, and anything else you would like! If you want to see something on Smith’d that you ain’t gettin from this relationship- lemme know! Send me a message. We are here for you.