UPDATE: An Open Letter to the Smith Community

Dear Members of the Smith Community,

I write to tell you that, as of yesterday, the investigation and judicial process regarding the anonymous notes in Parsons House has come to a conclusion. Because of college policies on confidentiality, as well as federal legislation on right to privacy, I am not able to offer specific information. However, I want you to know that a student was brought before the Community Judicial Board, a JB process convened to adjudicate bias incidents whose membership includes students, faculty and staff. The Board, which met during finals week after all elements of the investigation were complete, carefully weighed the evidence and found the student responsible. The disciplinary action recommended by the Board has been taken.

I hope this will help to bring some closure to one aspect of the difficult events of the spring.


Carol T. Christ


Smithies, what do we think?


WATCH: Jane Lynch Delivers Commencement Address to the Class of 2012

Quick Recap: Emmy and Golden Globe–winning actress Jane Lynch was the speaker at Smith College’s 134th commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 20, 2012. Ms. Lynch becomes a Smithie herself, through garnering an Honorary Degree through Smith, naming her Doctor of Fine Arts.

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Happy Ivy Day, Seniors!!

I believe Drake said it best when he said, “I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so proud of you”

Dear Class of 2012,

On behalf of Smith’d I would like to congratulate each and every one of you. You made it! You should all be extremely proud of yourselves and all of the work and growth that you have accomplished both inside and outside of the academic setting.

As a first year, I would like to thank the Class of 2012 for welcoming me and my fellow classmates into Smith’s community with open arms, and helping to guide us all through our first years. We applaud the contributions that you have made to Smith’s campus, and thank you for the lessons you have taught us. Today, I hope that you all look marvelous and that you wear your ivy with pride, knowing that you will always be a Smithies.

Although your time as a Smith student draws to an end, the start of the rest of your lives is right around the corner. No pressure or anything. After all, you are a Smithie.

We love you all. Congratulations.

P.S.- This was the background music to writing this post. 

What Was That, Mr. President? Obama States Same-Sex Couples Should Be Allowed to Marry

Obama is the first president in U.S. history to openly support same-sex marriage.

Looking for more ways to procrastinate a way to express your unbridled joy? Contribute to When Obama Endorsed: A Compilation of .GIFs

TONIGHT…Midnight Breakfast!!!

Congrats Smithies! You have all made it through the Reading Period AND the dreaded first day of exams! Reward yourself and take a break from studying for exams/writing papers/generally multi-tasking like only a Smithie can and enjoy a free breakfast at midnight. Because at Smith, we recognize that eating breakfast in the morning is a social construct.

Hillary approves of eating breakfast at unconventional hours.

when: Tuesday, May 8, 10 p.m.-1 a.m

where: St. John’s Episcopal Church, located between Clark Hall and the Brown Fine Arts Center

cost: free!

Coming Up….National Stress-Out Day

From Hannah Trumbo’14:

brought to you by: Active Minds

why it’s going to be awesome: SMITHIES! In case you’ve forgotten, it’s the last week of classes! You are probably out on Chapin Lawn, hanging out with your friends, and trying desperately to cling to any remaining ounces of sanity you have left. Why not make some sand-filled stress balls  and stretch out or kick some things?! Use this opportunity to release any stress about finals!

when: Wednesday, May 2, from 11-3 PM

where: Chapin Lawn

cost: free!