Hurricane Sandy Or Why You Should Go to the Grocery Store Today or Maybe Leave Town

Hey does anyone remember last Halloween when a weirdly massive early snowstorm forced the collapse of capitalism in Western Massachusetts? I sure as hell do. For this reason, I would advise you all to go buy non-perishable foods that do not require electricity to prepare because Smith sure as hell didn’t have their shit together last year. I watched a girl pour vodka over Wheaties on Day Two of Snowpocalypse 2011: DON’T BE THAT GIRL. When the power goes out in your house– oh and it will go out, forcing you to learn how to knit and consider moving to a part of the state that politicians actually care about– you will be the genius who has cans of seltzer and cookies that you can then sell at outrageous cottage industry prices.


Sandy is coming to fuck you up

The only valuable piece of advice from the campus-wide email about storm preparedness was that you should go pick up your necessary medications. You should. But also don’t rely on a) the college being able to provide any food if the power goes out– dining services staff live off campus and if the power goes out, the food will go bad b) your cell phone working. We all know coverage on campus is spotty anyway, and last year cell towers were affected by the storm. Even if there isn’t snow expected with Sandy, high winds and rain can do a lot of damage. If you go out of your house during the storm, tell someone where you went, just in case your text messaging doesn’t work.

There you go Smithies! That’s all I can tell you. Batten down the hatches, pull out those candles you have been hiding in your desk since room inspection, buy a flashlight and a box o’ wine and settle in. Shit is about to get NEW ENGLAND-Y.


Another Incident of Hate: Bias Incident Last Weekend **TRIGGER WARNING**

A Letter from Dean Mahoney, sent to the student body:

Dear Student,

Last weekend, a group of students and their guests were walking home from Mehndi Night when a group of men in a silver car harassed them with bigoted, anti-Muslim taunts.  Campus police were unable to identify the perpetrators.  I write not only to condemn these hateful acts but also to ask you to be on the alert this weekend.  If you observe anything, please call campus police immediately.  To reach Campus Police from a campus phone dial ext. 800 or ext. 2490.  If calling from a cell phone, dial413-585-2490  .

Dean Mahoney
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The Weekly Best of Smith Confessional: Parents Weekend Edition

Is it that time of the week again? Guess so! Let’s dive right into the Weekly Best of Smith Confessional to see what made the cut this week and what you might have missed.

In my last post, I described the 10 Second Tidy that helped transform my room in preparation for Family Weekend.

Everyone has their idols, I guess.

In this installment of WBSC, we examine another one of the ways in which the lethal combination of Parents Weekend + Midterms drives even the best of us Smithies juuuust a wee bit crazy…

Is there ever a correct answer to this question? I say nay.

Real talk, tho: We’ve all had crushes on our friends parents. What was that? You haven’t? It’s just me? Oh…O…kay.

And then there was also this…:

I laughed for an inappropriate amount of time when I saw this.

Shout out to Luna Disc. We see you kicking all sorts of ass and getting all kinds of lurve on Smith Confessional!

See y’all next week and please keep posting, because productivity is overrated.

Lessons I’ve Learned as Family Weekend Draws to a Close… :)/:(

Because there’s nothing like faking that you have your shit together for a weekend, and then facing the reality that you’re still in the midst of fucking midterms.

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Pervasive rape culture in college administrations: Amherst College edition *TRIGGER WARNING*

Today the Amherst Student— the college newspaper– ran an article called “An Account of Sexual Assault at Amherst College.” The piece, written by former Amherst class of 2014er Angie Epifano, outlines in excruciating detail the ways in which the administration of Amherst failed to support her in the wake of her rape on May, 25, 2011. Not even 12 hours after the article was posted, the Amherst Student website is consistently giving an error message suggesting that the number of hits has crashed their server.

In the over 5000-word piece, Epifano describes the administration’s response– or lack of response– to her reported rape. The school’s sexual assault counselor discouraged her from reporting the rape to the police, saying that since the student who raped Epifano would be graduating soon and there was nothing the school could do. They wouldn’t let her change dorms. Epifano’s account was questioned– was it really rape? She was discouraged from going through the college’s disciplinary process. And when the pressure of living in a community that was protecting her rapist made her suicidal, Amherst forcibly admitted Epifano to the Psychiatric ward of Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

Before I detail the rest of her story, I’d like to put this part in focus: Amherst actively discouraged Epifano from seeking justice for herself and punishment for her rapist, but the moment she suggested hurting herself, they became involved and removed her from the campus. Amherst’s message to rape survivors is this: you are the problem.

Cooley Dickinson was no more supportive. A doctor told Epifano that, “A school like Amherst wouldn’t allow you to be raped.” She was not allowed to leave the hospital, being told that her depression was not normal, that she was a danger to herself. And after four days, she was told that Amherst would not allow her back even if she “recovered” sufficiently enough to be discharged.

According to her piece, Epifano’s social worker told her that: “In order for students to be allowed back they had to have parental supervision while on campus in order to make sure that the student did not relapse into substance abuse again (the most common reason for student admittance into the Ward). This meant that a parent would stay in a hotel near campus and would then follow their child around for two weeks until the “all clear” period was reached.” Epifano does not have parents. Therefore, there was no way for her to return to Amherst College.

That’s right: after forcing a rape survivor off campus against her will, Amherst used the reason of her very admission to Cooley Dickinson as grounds for not allowing her back on campus.

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Amherst College: “Roasting Fat Ones Since 1847”

Sexism and Misogyny in 2012 at Amherst College. Honestly, does this surprise anyone?

Read the article in the AC Voice here

Procrastinate On: A Series…Get Out of There, Plath!

Welcome to a new series here on Smith’d, where we your faithful writers, review the many Smith-related blogs available to you on the interwebz. Our inaugural review could deal with one famous Smithie and one famous Smithie only.

Sylvia Plath, why are you in the world of Harry Potter? Don’t you have your own literary work to attend to?

from ~~Anonymous~~

brought to you by some mysterious Smithie alums (Smith’d loves you!)

what the actual fuck?: It’s a pretty simple concept. Smith’s own Sylvia Plath appears in places that she does not belong. 

why should I use this to procrastinate?: Because, you see, it’s fucking hilarious. You can submit your own pictures of our Precious Plath spotted where she shouldn’t be. The alums that run the blog update it pretty frequently, so there’s plenty of Plath to keep you entertained. Plus, you can justify obsessively checking it, because the blog is relevant to you as a Smithie  as it concerns a famous alum. So it’s not really technically procrastinating. Right? We thought so.

my favorite post: this one.

rating: 4 out of 5 bell jars

Go check it out, darlings.

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