The End of Fall ’12 (in .Gifs)

So, as pinktaco123 mentioned, we kinda dropped off the face of Smith College midway through last semester.

And I know all of you are like…

But really we ARE sorry 😦

BUT we’re back now! So let’s bring up to speed on the end of 2012.

We reelected Barack Obama as prez. Thank GOD.


Who can forget about Smithies Tammy Baldwin (who moved from the House to the Senate) and Niki Tsongas (elected for a 4th term in Congress)? The Quad was all…



2nd streaking

Thanksgiving, tho. Open season for stress eating.



Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, became a thing. Thankfully.


Course registration happened, as it always does. Fucking Bannerweb…

As a community, we started to revisit the idea of Celebration, after Smith College Students Against Sexual Assault released this open letter on Celebration. Trigger warning.

(No .gif or .jpeg here. Perhaps this is something we should actively work on as a community in the new year.)

Smith elected its 11th president,  Cathy McCartney:


Classes ended!!!! Buuuuut then the study period happened. I was brought to the harsh reality that…


Also, whenever I tried to write an essay, this kept happening over and over again…


However, I managed to get out alive, thanks to your wonderful Smithies posting Beyonce lyrics all over campus and to Smith Compliments, who really made an effort to make finals less miserable for everyone. Follow them on Facebook here.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 4.31.19 PM

Yeah, I know this isn’t a .gif. Calm yourself, That Girl.

But by the end of finals, I was like




P.S.-Shout out to What Should Smith Call Me for diligently .giffing the Smith College experience. Check them out here.


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