Coming Up…Smith Music Collective Presents: SMC Serenade

serenade (1)

Get your groove on this Valentine’s Day with Smith Music Collective Presents: SMC Serenade, whether you’re with someone (or someones), ridin’ solo, or anywhere in between.

from Nandi Marumo ’15

brought to you by Smith Music Collective

why should I go?: Because Smithie musicians are amazingly talented! The SMC Serenade will feature performances by Smith musicians Abbie Duquete and Julia Hanowell, The Smithereens, Who Funk’d It, and DJ Chive (Sophia Lee).

when?: February 14th (Valentine’s Day)

where?: CMP TV Studio (Alumnae Gym)

cost: free! (capacity limited, tho) 

hold up.

what’s the Smith Music Collective?: SMC is a new student org in the making whose mission is to assist Smith College student musicians in building a catalogue of original work and a local audience through the facilitation of collaborations and shared music knowledge, skills, and resources between Smith musicians. SMC aims to provide student musicians opportunities to gain recording and performance experience, the opportunity to receive paid gigs, and facilitate the transition from aspiring musicians to working musicians. SMC hopes to expand the Smith and Five College community’s access to free, local music (pre-recorded and live) produced entirely by our peers as a single organization centered around developing and teaching skills for the production, distribution, and performance of music by Smith students.

what’s the SMC tryna do?: Some of the SMC’s goals include…

1) Provide space and equipment for student musicians to record, produce, and perform their own music.

2) Provide weekly training sessions in audio recording and production taught by a Smith Music Collective audio engineer and using major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) such as ProTools, Reason, Ableton Live, and Audacity.

3) Release annual compilation of original music by Smith musicians.

If you are interested in Recording Education, Music Production, Aesthetics that accompany music (ie- music videos/phtography/design/ visual art) or Music Distribution, please check out the SMC charter here.

The next meeting will be held Saturday, February 16th at 2:30 pm, CMP Room C07 (Alumnae Gym).


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