Coming Up…Weaving Voices Monologues


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about the event….

Each year there is an increase of domestic students of color entering Smith College. But what have been their individualized and shared experiences during the last four years? What are their stories?

In a society that privileges white, upper-middle class, heterosexual, able-bodied wo/men, dominant ideologies and people write stories on our bodies about and for us, without ever asking us to speak. This was evident in Anne Spurzem’s Letter to the Editor in The Sophian, where she wrote a narrative specifically about students of color, without ever asking us about our Smith experience(s). The Weaving Voices Monologues seek to share the stories written and told by students of color; to celebrate and honor the labor and struggles that it took to survive and thrive within the last four years; and to pass on our lived experiences as knowledge to future generations. It is not, however, our responsibility to represent all students of color; we can only speak for ourselves. We may share similar struggles shaped by systems of oppression but we are not tokens of the communities with which we identify. These are our stories, our experiences and our knowledge shaped not only by race/ethnicity, but also by class, gender, sexuality, etc. We are leaving evidence for those who come after us, passing on “that there are other ways to live–past survival; past isolation.”

when?: This Friday, April 19th, at 9PM

where?: Campus Center Carroll Room

cost: free!

Facebook event page can be found here!

Please share and encourage all to come!

note…This is not an open mic.