Smith’d is a blog meant to represent Smith College life in its truest, most natural form.  Since we are neither affiliated nor sponsored by Smith College, we reserve our right to free speech as an entirely student-run blog.  Smith’d wants to post news, pictures, videos, events, and sound clips that display the real Smith College—to inspire a stronger sense of community and an active, lively social scene.

This blog is a student perspective on things that Smithies really care about.  Our goal is bring the campus together by creating an accessible, online resource where any Smithie can go to find information about upcoming events and happenings at Smith.  One of our main prerogatives is to provide free online publicity for student events.  Hopefully Smith’d, with the help of the Smith community, will help both increase attendance at student events and promote a sense of community that brings Smithies together on a larger scale than ever before.

If you would like to write for us, send:

Your name, class year, and why you want to write for Smith’d to smithdblog@gmail.com

If you have an event, tip, or piece of news about Smith that you would like to publicize, please fill out our submission form and send it completed to smithdblog@gmail.com.  Make sure you read the submission guidelines!


Smith’d and crew


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