Potty Problemz


I have a recurring problem with getting sprayed in the face by toilet water. Last week, as I finished a long morning of monotone lectures, I made my way to the bathroom on the first floor of Seelye. As I peed, I noticed the walls of the stall had water all over them. At this point, I should have had the sense to not do what I did next which was flush the toilet without shielding myself. When I flushed, my face and hair were sprayed with a lovely mix of urine and toilet water, and the walls were sprayed (again) as well. The pale golden liquid now wafting its scent off my face was not exactly the Eau de Toilette I had in mind when I put on my perfume that morning. Though sad, I found this ordeal to be one of the funniest things that’s happened to me in a while.

A few days later, I was sprayed TWICE by two different toilets in my house. I’m not sure if toilet spraying is a common issue at Smith, or if the toilet spirits are trying to fuck with me, but either way I am simultaneously disgusted and extremely amused.


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Love your vaginas!

This is from a Smith Confessional thread about vagina insecurities.

I love this person for standing up for vaginas everywhere. Pussy is power, vaginas are sexy. 

**TRIGGER WARNING** “There are millions more just like me that need help…”

“Please listen to what I said about sexual assault. There are millions more just like me that need help and no, someone who is drunk cannot give consent, fuckers.”

This is the beautiful and tragic suicide letter of a male Amherst College student Trey Malone. In it he makes an honest and compelling argument against the social and institutional victim blaming of survivors of sexual assault in this country as specifically at Amherst College.

Please read the article here

Amherst College: “Roasting Fat Ones Since 1847”

Sexism and Misogyny in 2012 at Amherst College. Honestly, does this surprise anyone?

Read the article in the AC Voice here

It’s National Voter Registration Day!!

Register to vote here!

Weekly Best of Smith Confessional

Weekly best of Smith Confessional...

Anyone remember seeing this gem? Really though…

Ode to B43 Biddies

Push up bras and laced thongs

Mesh shirts three sizes too small

And skirts cut just below your crotch

All under a marshmallow coat

43 biddies waiting for the B43

Every Friday and Saturday night

(sometimes Thursdays)

Bus comes, I admire your tenacity

Your sweat dripping as you become lionesses

fighting your way to have a seat

as your vagina is pushed to Amherst.