Danger for Smithies Downtown **TRIGGER WARNING**

Last Tuesday, Smith’d was sent an e-mail by a Smith alum, detailing an alarming, horrifying experience that she’d had at The Basement, concerning sexual assualt. While I would like to preface the content of her email (which is posted with permission) with a trigger warning, I would like to strongly encourage you to read it if you can, and to spread this life wildfire. Please stay safe and look out for each other.   Read the rest of this entry »


Access at Smith, Conversations about Diversity and Social Justice

Some of you, Smithies, have seen Lilith Siegel’s excellent Letter to the Editor in this past week’s Sophian, though it should be required reading for all. Lili details how she was unable to access the Weaving Voices Open Mic on Otelia Cromwell Day because Sage Hall did not have adequate disabled access to the event.

While we’re on the subject, Wesleyan University’s student government is pushing and the university is considering, starting a Day of Dialogue/Diversity Day program, perhaps similar, but hopefully better, than Otelia Cromwell Day. If you would like to give feedback to Wesleyan’s Student Government about your thoughts on OC Day– primarily what you think of it, what you see as its shortcomings, and whether or not the events should be mandatory– send a short email to jrosssilverm@wesleyan.edu. It is not only our responsibility as Smithies to make Smith better and more open about these conversations, but to help make all schools accessible for all. 

Procrastinate On: Healthy Smithie: Stay Healthy At Smith

During my first year at Smith, I gained my First Year Fifteen…and a bit more. In response, my brother told me that there’s no way to stay healthy in college. I don’t accept that as an excuse, and neither do the creators of Healthy Smithie.

We’re Smithies: tell us something’s impossible, then we’ll prove you wrong and blog about it.

brought to you by two Smithies (Jennifer and Iesha) working on a social change project for a health psychology class,

what’s this all about?: From the creators: the purpose of this blog is not only to encourage Smithies to be healthy through active blogging, but also to raise awareness of all the health-related events happening on campus.

why should I use this to procrastinate?: Instead of Facebook stalking your exes and watching Youtube videos of cats (though arguably, this practice does improve one’s mental health…), spend your time avoiding reading and other assignments educating yourself on how to stay healthy at Smith. This is productive procrastinating, Smithies! After all, what’s more important than your overall health? That’s right. Nothing.

review: This tumblr is filled with really helpful tipz on everything health- and wellness- related: from how to make your workouts more effective and (importantly) enjoyable, to daily wellness tips, to suggestions on other “fitblrs” to follow. Personally, I really liked that the creators made a clear effort to tailor the content of the tumblr so that the focus is how to stay healthy at Smith. Look out for updates Smithies on health- and wellness-related events occurring on campus,  for interviews of members of the ESS department , and for reviews of Get Fit Smith classes.

rating: 5 out of 5 bananas from Chapin’s grab-n-go, which you should be eating. Why? Find out here!

Also, the blog is new so the creators of the blog are looking for feedback. Feel free to drop them a line if there’s something specific you’d like to see addressed!

Go check it out, darlings.

And of course, stay healthy and happy.

Have a Smith-related blog (besides Smith’d, obviously…) that you love to stalk? Let Smith’d know so we can review it and pass it on.

Love your vaginas!

This is from a Smith Confessional thread about vagina insecurities.

I love this person for standing up for vaginas everywhere. Pussy is power, vaginas are sexy. 

**TRIGGER WARNING** “There are millions more just like me that need help…”

“Please listen to what I said about sexual assault. There are millions more just like me that need help and no, someone who is drunk cannot give consent, fuckers.”

This is the beautiful and tragic suicide letter of a male Amherst College student Trey Malone. In it he makes an honest and compelling argument against the social and institutional victim blaming of survivors of sexual assault in this country as specifically at Amherst College.

Please read the article here

Hurricane Sandy Or Why You Should Go to the Grocery Store Today or Maybe Leave Town

Hey does anyone remember last Halloween when a weirdly massive early snowstorm forced the collapse of capitalism in Western Massachusetts? I sure as hell do. For this reason, I would advise you all to go buy non-perishable foods that do not require electricity to prepare because Smith sure as hell didn’t have their shit together last year. I watched a girl pour vodka over Wheaties on Day Two of Snowpocalypse 2011: DON’T BE THAT GIRL. When the power goes out in your house– oh and it will go out, forcing you to learn how to knit and consider moving to a part of the state that politicians actually care about– you will be the genius who has cans of seltzer and cookies that you can then sell at outrageous cottage industry prices.


Sandy is coming to fuck you up

The only valuable piece of advice from the campus-wide email about storm preparedness was that you should go pick up your necessary medications. You should. But also don’t rely on a) the college being able to provide any food if the power goes out– dining services staff live off campus and if the power goes out, the food will go bad b) your cell phone working. We all know coverage on campus is spotty anyway, and last year cell towers were affected by the storm. Even if there isn’t snow expected with Sandy, high winds and rain can do a lot of damage. If you go out of your house during the storm, tell someone where you went, just in case your text messaging doesn’t work.

There you go Smithies! That’s all I can tell you. Batten down the hatches, pull out those candles you have been hiding in your desk since room inspection, buy a flashlight and a box o’ wine and settle in. Shit is about to get NEW ENGLAND-Y.

Another Incident of Hate: Bias Incident Last Weekend **TRIGGER WARNING**

A Letter from Dean Mahoney, sent to the student body:

Dear Student,

Last weekend, a group of students and their guests were walking home from Mehndi Night when a group of men in a silver car harassed them with bigoted, anti-Muslim taunts.  Campus police were unable to identify the perpetrators.  I write not only to condemn these hateful acts but also to ask you to be on the alert this weekend.  If you observe anything, please call campus police immediately.  To reach Campus Police from a campus phone dial ext. 800 or ext. 2490.  If calling from a cell phone, dial413-585-2490  .

Dean Mahoney
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