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4 Comments on “Submit an Event or Tip”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Sebastian Barr, aka Blanche Devereauxx, the DJ, 2010 alum

    See You Next Thursday returns this week after a little summer vacation.

    See You Next Thursday (SYNTH) is a weekly electro night / dance party at Diva’s Nightclub. It’s the cheapest admission for any night at Diva’s (and there’s a discount for people who RSVP online), plus for those who are 21, PBR is on tap and is just a dollar!! We have 5 resident DJs, and most weeks we all spin, so there’s a wide range of highly-danceable music from Afrojack to Lady Gaga to tribal remixes to Daft Punk to shit you sing every day in the shower to stuff you’ve probably never heard before. There’s always a fun and friendly crowd, great bartenders, and everything else Diva’s has to offer – pool tables, air hockey, great-sized dancefloor, lounge, etc.

    Here’s the specs:

    $8 for 18+
    $5 for 21+


    RSVP on Facebook for Reduced Admission!!
    All confirmed attending guests receive $3 off admission!
    This includes events featuring national and international guest DJs!


    Upcoming guest DJs:
    – JD Samson of LE TIGRE on Sept. 30th
    plus more in the works!

    Tubular lighting, stellar sound, and most excellent visuals!

    $1 drafts
    Beers for one dollar
    One hundred cent pints!!!

    Hosted by SYNTH resident DJs:
    Amazing Love
    Blanche Devereauxx
    The Cut Up Kid

    [PS (obv don’t publish this) – I’ve read some of the other comments on the where to find men post, and I know they are unnecessarily hostile. I hope mine did not come off like the others. I think what you guys are doing on here is great and I wish the critiques would be a little bit more constructive and less accusatory. But oh well, such is the internet. Best, Sebastian]

  2. Sebastian says:

    oh thats embarrassing. i obviously don’t know how to read or use blogs

  3. Laurel Belton says:

    Please watch this hilarious video we made for ESS 280 Applied Sports Medicine! This was actually for a class, no joke!

  4. toddbently says:

    Are you interested in taking new guest posts?

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